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Omni3D的Factory 2.0 3D打印机问世

Omni3D Releases Factory 2.0 3D Printer to Enter Industrial Market

While Polish 3D printer manufacturer Omni3D has received attention for the ways that they’ve used 3D printers, applying their expertise to save penguins and build wind turbines, the company’s big news today sees them doing what they do best, building 3D printers.? Omni3D is now releasing their Factor 2.0 3D printer, geared towards the industrial sector with its precision, size, and printing speed.

The Factory 2.0 is the result of two years of research and development and, from the looks of it, that work has paid off.? The FFF 3D printer is capable of printing with an accuracy of .03 mm, 500 mm?(19.7 inches) on each axis, and a traveling speed of up to 350 mm/sec.? Additionally, with a dual extruder, the printer is designed to be capable of using a wide variety of materials, features automatic bed leveling, a closed build chamber, and a 7-inch display, for controlling the printer.

Due to its 10 microprocessors and custom electronics, Omni3D suggests that the Factory 2.0 continuously controls the temperature and humidity of the print chamber and the flow of filament. Other upgrades include the shift from any flexible component, such as rubber belts, to fixed parts, which the company attributes to the increased precision and quality of the machine. The Factory 2.0 also comes with Omni3D’s Mak3r software, which, using predefined settings, “makes the majority [of the] decisions for the user.”

Konrad Sierzputowski, member of the Omni3D Management Board and responsible for the development of the Factory 2.0, says of the new machine, “Dimensional precision is particularly important in industrial productions. The priority for all elements of the production – also including our Factory 2.0 – is accuracy, which guarantees a perfect match between elements and an ideal end product.” He continues, “Similar printers are currently sold on the market only by two American companies. We certainly have the advantage of availability, low price and maintenance costs of our equipment. Factory 2.0 printers operate in an open ecosystem – composites from various manufacturers can be used with them. This definitely improves access to innovative materials and reduces maintenance costs.”

S?awomir Mirkowski, also a member of the Omni3D Management Board, adds, “The majority of devices available on the market use similar solutions, which share the same problems and limitations. Seeing this, we have decided to take the challenge and to fill the market niche. In this way, our offer is now targeted only at entrepreneurs and the broadly understood industry.”

The Factory 2.0 will be available for purchase in Europe and the Americas this September, but the company has already provided the printer to a few companies already.? The machine will not only be used to print wind turbines in California, with the involvement of two Fortune 500 companies, but the Factory 2.0 will also be used in the production line for a “well-known” German auto manufacturer.? While we await the price of and the feedback surrounding the Factory 2.0, from the looks and sound of this printer, it does sound like it will be a worthy competitor and, as the Polish manufacturers continue to make their way into the global market, other European and US companies may be taken by surprise.

Update 7/15/15: I’ve been informed that the Factory 2.0 will be sold for


Omni3D的Factory 2.0 3D打印机问世

虽然波兰3D打印机制造商OMNI3D已经注意到他们使用3D打印机的方式,运用他们的专业知识来拯救企鹅和建造风力涡轮机,公司今天的大新闻是他们正在做他们做得最好的事,建造3D打印机。他们的因素2 3D打印机,面向工业部门的精度,尺寸和打印速度。

工厂2.0 3D打印机omni3D


工厂2.0 3D从omni3D双重挤压机打印机


显示面板从omni3D工厂2.0 3D打印机

康拉德Sierzputowski的Omni3D管理委员会成员,负责工厂2.0的发展,说的新机,“尺寸精度是在工业生产尤其重要。优先生产的所有要素 - 也包括我们的工厂2.0 - 是的准确性,保证元件和理想的最终产品之间的完美匹配“他继续说,”类似的打印机是目前市场上只有两家美国公司出售。我们当然有供应,价格低,我们的设备维护成本的优势。工厂2.0打印机工作在一个开放的生态系统 - 来自不同制造商的复合材料可以与他们使用。这无疑提高了获得创新材料和降低维护成本。“

S‘awomir Mirkowski,所述Omni3D管理委员会也成员,补充道,“大多数可在市场上的设备使用的类似的解决方案,其共享相同的问题和限制。看到这种情况,我们已经决定接受挑战,并填补了市场地位。这样一来,我们的报价,现在的目标只有在企业家和广义地理解产业“。

模型的3D打印从omni3D厂2.0 3D打印机


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